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Corporate Overview

Telecorp Products Inc. is an innovator in the Contact Center industry. For over 25 years, Telecorp has actively listened to the needs of our clients; digested their requirements, developed solutions to meet those needs, and delivered them, on a real-time basis, to the market.  
Telecorp’s cutting-edge solutions work with equipment from the giants of the computer telephony industry, such as Avaya, Cisco and Nortel Networks. We are committed to fitting our clients with an appropriate solution.
The sterling reputation enjoyed by Telecorp Products Inc. is based on a consistent record of excellent customer service, and a range of unique solutions which enhance our clients’ contact center efficiency and productivity. At Telecorp we're proud to have been first to market with a number of key contact center solutions and we look forward to continuing as an industry peer.

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Mission Statement

We build enduring and mutually profitable relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees in Contact Centers and enterprise markets based on our fundamental values of honesty, professionalism and enthusiasm.

Telecorp’s Unique Value Proposition

Telecorp has been widely known in the call center industry for a number of unique characteristics, demonstrated both in our products and in our organization:
Reliability : Telecorp systems are extremely reliable, and are always backed up by our skilled and experienced customer support team
Ease of use : Telecorp systems have an easily comprehensible, “point and click” user interface that is consistent from solution to solution, and matches the expectations of our users, no matter what their job
Accessibility : Not only are Telecorp solutions readily installed and understood, but the Telecorp team is easily contacted and always ready to work with clients on any aspect of their call center implementation

Customer Service Standard

Since 1984,Telecorp Products Inc. has operated with an unwavering mission to deliver the highest level of customer service to our clients.The Telecorp team prides itself on consistent responsiveness to the needs of our customer base, and in-depth experience founded on multiple thousands of successful client installations, worldwide.

Future Goals

In the future, Telecorp Products Inc. will continue to provide clients with solutions that meet their call center automation needs, reduce their costs, and dramatically increase their staff productivity. Telecorp’s vision for the future of the Call Center industry matches that of the leading industry analysts, our multiple strategic partners and clients. To put it simply, Telecorp will strive to exceed the expectations of prospects and clients, with an unmatched level of professionalism, responsiveness and dedication.