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Telecorp Partners

Partners & Distributors:

Avaya Developer Community members are best-in-class and global companies with applications, services or hardware that enhance the Avaya product service.

Comvergent is a knowledge based systems engineering company focused on providing a deliverables-based managed technical service to the telecom industry.

IP Displays
ipDisplays manufactures LED signs and intelligent LED display software for: Call Centers, Warehouses Productivity, Supply Chain, Packaging, and more.

Blue 802C
blueC 802 Inc. specializes in communications efficiency application software for the enterprise. We focus on providing highly innovative and unique solutions that increase communications efficiencies and significantly reduce overall communications costs.

TelStrat delivers advanced communications solutions for Call Recording, Remote Access, Conferencing, and Broadband "Triple play" Services.

Qast Software Group is one of the largest software distribution companies in China whose goal is to continuously bring global software and technologies to the growing Chinese market.