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Digital Call Recording  Call Parrot

Call Parrot

CALL PARROT For Cisco Call Manager network call centers, who are mid-to-large in size, Telecorp offers a call audio AND screen recording solution exclusively for you with CALLPARROT.

Capabilities such as recording, playback, distribution of telephone conversations from the desktop and screen capture are just the beginning. CALLPARROT is packed with useful features such as one touch, on-demand recording of an entire call—even if the command is triggered mid-call.

Some of the Features

Cisco compatible

Synchronize voice and PC screen activities

Up to 72 simultaneous sessions

Comprehensive data mining capabilities, including caller ID, time, date, and more!

Easy access searching by date, time, agent, group, or customer

Easy-to-use playback with standard Windows-based audio plays in .WAV format

Easy to integrate agent evaluation software

Download Call Parrot InfoDownload Call Parrot Information Here