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Digital Call Recording  Recorder Plus

CentrEE Recorder PLUS

All of the CentrEE Recorder PLUS recording connectivity solutions use Telecorp's powerful 'PBX-2-USB' technology to deliver superb performance at ground-breaking prices.

The CentrEE Recorder PLUS 01 USB device is a low-cost extension desktop true digital connector and comes complete with our desktop software

The CentrEE Recorder PLUS Adapter can connect directly onto any analog telephone line making a recording log of incoming callers (with caller ID if enabled) and outgoing dialed calls.

Some of the Features

Connects to the digital extension wiring at your desktop
Is compatible with most major PBX types
Easy Plug 'n' Play USB connection
Superb fully digital sound quality
Uses PBX digital information such as Caller ID (on most models)  
Records calls locally or across a network with the CentrEE Recorder PLUS Multiple CentrEE Recorder Plus units can be used
(up to 20) on one PC with the use of a USB hub
Multiple PCs can be networked and calls stored in a centralized location